Celebrating Success: The Ultimate Personalised Graduation Gift Bundle

The moment the mortarboard ascends into the sky in a celebratory launch, it symbolises the culmination of years of late-night study sessions, deadlines, and exams. It’s an accomplishment, a proud moment and deserves a celebration as unique and personalised as the journey that brought the graduate to this day. To honour this milestone, we’ve created the perfect, one-of-a-kind Graduation Gift Bundle that ticks all the boxes for a memorable present.

The Personalised Graduation Cushion

Rest, relaxation, and a reminder of their accomplishment – our natural cotton canvas cushion offers all three. A full 45cm x 45cm of comfort, this cushion is adorned with our classy line-art illustration of a triumphant graduate holding a degree, university name and the student’s years of study. It’s a soft reminder of their hard work!

The Customised Graduation Keyring

What better way to keep a memento of this pivotal milestone always at hand? Our rectangular metal keyrings feature sublimation inserts with the graduate’s name, university, and years of study – a daily reminder of their academic journey.

Personalised Graduate Commemorative Keyring

The Personalised Graduation Mug

Raise a toast to their success every morning! One side of our mug showcases the beautiful line-art illustration along with the university name and years of study. On the reverse, you’ll find the graduate’s name and degree. It’s a daily reminder of their achievement alongside their morning brew!

graduate holding a personalised mug

The Personalised Graduation Coaster

To accompany the mug, we’ve designed a 9cm x 9cm coaster featuring the same detailed design as the cushion and card. It’s a perfect addition to any desk or coffee table, serving as a stylish and useful keepsake.

The Personalised Graduation Card

Last but not least, our personalised graduation card beautifully wraps up the bundle. Featuring the same line-art illustration as the cushion and mug, it’s ready to bear your heartfelt congratulations to the graduate

female personalised graduation card

The Ultimate Graduation Gift Bundle

All these one-of-a-kind keepsakes come together in our exclusive Graduation Gift Bundle. It’s a unique combination of personalised items, each serving as a timeless reminder of the graduate’s journey and achievement.

Not only does this gift bundle represent a thoughtful and personalised present, but it also offers incredible value. Individually, these items amount to £55, but we’re offering the complete set at a remarkable bundle price.

Whether it’s a card bearing your heartfelt message, a mug for their morning brew, a coaster adding a personal touch to their workspace, a keyring they carry everywhere, or a cosy cushion for their favourite reading nook – each piece in the bundle adds a layer of personalisation and warmth to their everyday life.

personalised graduation gift bundle

So, as the cap goes up and the applause roars, ensure your graduate feels special with a gift that’s been crafted specifically for them. Our Graduation Gift Bundle brings together bespoke, practical items, that offer daily reminders of their extraordinary achievement. It’s more than just a gift, it’s a celebration of their journey, a tip of the hat to their hard work, and a cheer for their future!

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